Interview with Orquesta Típica Esquina Sur

By: M. Belén Bulacio –

The Orquesta Típica Esquina Sur shared with us part of its history, experiences and projects.

Belén: What is the origin of the orchestra and who are its current members?

Javier: The Esquina Sur Orchestra was formed in 2009, more precisely on January 24th, at the Boca Juniors Club facilities (in the grill area, obviously eating an asado), it was formed by 3 friends, Diego Alberton, Victor Velez and myself, Javier Giangualani. The three of us had been part of the Orquesta Fervor de Buenos Aires and when it disbanded we felt the need and the enormous desire to continue playing. From the first moment our center of operations was the Verdi Theater where we started with rehearsals and where we performed our first date in October 2009.

Currently the orchestra is formed by Julián Mosca (piano), Maximiliano Cornejo and Valeria Scheidegger (violins), Lautaro Pons and Javier Giangualani (bandoneons), Juan Maestri (double bass) and Diego Dimartino (singer).

Belén: What are the biggest challenges in making music these days?

Javier: The biggest challenge to make music in our case is to coordinate the rehearsal days.

Belén: What enriching experiences has this vocation for music (as an orchestra) given you? Can you share one with me?

Javier: Traveling, meeting many people, and being able to realize the dream of our self-managed milonga.

Belén: What projects have you planned for this year?

Javier: We wish to continue with our milonga (tango cycle at the Verdi) which is now in its 13th year of self-management, to try to complete the Tour of the 100 barrios Porteños that we started in 2012 as a tribute to the great Alberto Castillo and whose goal is to play in the 48 neighborhoods of Caba. We are missing 9 and we will complete it. Another ongoing project is to finish recording our 2nd album.