The San Luis Tango orchestra celebrates twelve years of adventures from Krakow

With twelve years of career, the family orchestra is planning to celebrate far from home. For the first eleven years they would hold an anniversary concert in their little town, Justo Daract. As planning ahead is the key to success, they invited their audience well in advance and cooked homemade delicious sweet dishes to pumper them during the performance. Those were the pre-pandemic celebrations. This twelfth anniversary in Covid times, the concert will be held via streaming from Krakow without sweets but with the intense Argentine tango flavor. As customary, the birthday hosts are looking forward to receiving gifts, which is why the orchestra created two accounts to receive contributions.

Magdalena Lechowska is the guest artist this year, she will sing tangos in Spanish and Polish to the delight of the audience.

The invitation is this Sunday, November 29th via facebook and Instagram. San Luis Tango will offer a new virtual concert to celebrate and thank music for twelve years.