Tango Hembra holds the Third International Transfeminist Tango Festival

Friday March 5th and Saturday March 6th ONLINE from 7 p.m. via YouTube

Sunday March 7th PRESENCIAL from 7 pm at Luzuriaga Club Social, Luzuriaga 348, Barracas. Free admission.

Tango Hembra holds its Third Transfeminist Tango Festival for 3 days, with the participation of performers, authors and composers of today’s tango scene.
On Friday 5 and Saturday 6, live on Tango Hembra’s channel, there will be panel discussions with outstanding personalities and videos specially dedicated by female musicians from all over the country and abroad.
On Sunday 7 at Luzuriaga Club Social, one of the new redoubts of the tango underworld, with all the corresponding care and protocol, will be presented musical formations composed of women and dissidents, with renowned performers such as Silvina Adámoli, Bárbara Aguirre, Andy Delfino, Lucrecia Merico, Gabriela Novaro, Floru Ubertalli, Marisa Vázquez, Valeria Vilaseca, who will perform tangos by current authors.


19h – Roundtable: Tango and gender perspectives in educational institutions and cultural spaces.
The current situation of educational and cultural spaces, experiences around gender protocols and the development of cultural policies with a gender perspective, according to outstanding referents from different areas: State, educational institutions, cultural spaces and activism.
Participants: Carolina Garber (National Director of Cultural Policies for Gender Equality, Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity), Paula Rivera (cultural manager and vice-president of INAMU), Ana Zeliz (sociologist, member of Acevifa and Network of journalists with a gender perspective, advisor on women’s rights and gender issues at the Argentine Foreign Ministry and member of the MFT and FUT), Adriana Cerletti (BA in Arts, PhD UBA, president of the Argentine Association of Musicology, teacher at the Conservatory A. Piazzolla, EMPA, EMPA, and the Argentine Music Association of Musicology). Piazzolla, EMPA, UBA and organizer of the Piazzolla Music and Gender Conference), Romina Pernigotte (dancer, teacher, illustrator and graduate in Visual Arts, she edited the illustrated book «Tango. Equilibrios y desequilibrios», member of the collective Aires del Sur Tango) and Cata Zaneff (producer and manager of the province of Mendoza, member of TRUENA). Moderator: Victoria Polti (flutist, composer, anthropologist and teacher at the Conservatorio M. De Falla, J. Donn and Esnaola. She is a member of Tango Hembra).

21h- They greet us and present their musical projects
María Cangiano (Madrid), Mónica Navarro (Uruguay), Celeste González (Mar del Plata), Verónica Bie (Córdoba), Andrea Fernández Acerbi (Venado Tuerto). From Buenos Aires: Marina Ruiz Matta, Victoria Polti, Duo Victoria Di Raimondo – Paula Gandino, Karina Beorlegui, Noelia Sinkunas with Pia Salinas, Sciammarella Tango Orchestra.
Tribute to the pioneer tango musicians.

Saturday, March 6, virtual mode
7 p.m. – Roundtable: Tango, gender and transfeminism.
Tango as a hegemonic patriarchal and heteronormative territory and some of the problems that arise from this situation such as access to the labor circuit, the lack of statistics on the activity of women and gender dissidence in the cultural industry and the difficulties in the implementation of the quota law in festivals.
Participants: Mariana Docampo (writer and cultural manager, published 6 books and organizes a milonga and the Festival Tango Queer Buenos Aires), Mercedes Liska (ethnomusicologist, pianist, master in communication and culture, PhD in social sciences, Conicet researcher and teacher in the career of communication sciences at the UBA and ethnomusicology at the Conservatory M. M. De Falla), and Anahí Perez Pavez (writer and journalist, studied communication sciences, is a columnist for the magazine Tinta Roja, and has just published the book «Tango y feminismo») and Susy Shock (South American trans artist, performer, singer, writer and teacher, has written 7 books, columns in Soy, Pág 12, and has collaborated in numerous cultural magazines). Moderated by Victoria Polti (Tango Hembra).

9 p.m. – They greet us and present their musical projects
Duo Elbi Olalla and Sandra Rehder (Barcelona), María Angelelli (Córdoba), Nora Roca (Bahía Blanca) MFT from Mar del Plata. From Buenos Aires: Mirta Alvarez, María Laura Antonelli, Patricia Barone, Chifladas Tango, La noche de las pibas, La Empoderada Orquesta Típica, Susy Shock.
Tribute to the pioneer tango musicians.

Sunday, March 7, from 7 p.m. at Luzuriaga Club Social.
Musical formations integrated by women and dissidents, with recognized interpreters such as Silvina Adámoli, Bárbara Aguirre, Andy Delfino, Rocío Dubuisson, Lucrecia Merico, Gabriela Novaro, Marisa Pérez Acosta, Marisa Vázquez, Floru Ubertalli, Valeria Vilaseca, who will interpret tangos by current authors.

Special thanks to:
Mariana Fossatti, Gabriela Radice and Manu Ripa: voice-over.
Julieta Erdozain: press
Marcelo Violini: audiovisual editing
The night of the girls
Luzuriaga Social Club

About Tango Hembra

Tango Hembra brings a feminist perspective to tango, one of the most controversial artistic environments impregnated by the culture of patriarchy. Hence its name, which far from ascribing to a biologicist or binary look, is a mocking response to that saying inscribed for so many years in the popular imaginary, which said «tango is male». Tango is not only for men but also for all women and sex-gender dissidences who want to make it their territory of expression.
Declared of Interest for the promotion of Women’s Rights by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, it is sponsored by Mrs. Susana Rinaldi.
The objectives of Tango Hembra are to collaborate in the diffusion of women artists and femininities in radios and programs specifically dedicated to tango; to promote the equity of quota in all the stages and festivals of the whole country -considering also cachets and central schedules-; to promote the inclusion of women and dissidences in the conformation of juries -which decide on the access to prizes, works, scholarships and subsidies- and in all environment where the problematic of the sector is discussed as well as to act against the installed and naturalized violences in the same one.

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