Sad, but true: no Tango in the spring – News from Australia

Update (4 May 2020): A message from the Tango in the Spring team

We hope everyone is hanging in there ok in this strange time. Many things have changed dramatically in the last few months. The requirements of physical distancing have made our shared passion – dancing tango together – impossible for now.
There will be no Tango in the Spring in 2020. Sad, but true. The next one is planned for 2022.

Several weeks ago, we decided to postpone our preparations and bookings, with all the uncertainty around Covid-19.
We now have a lot more certainty. It is very unlikely that Australia and the world will be in a fit state for a national tango festival by October, with people travelling from all over to dance in close embrace for several days.
We have planned the next Tango in the Spring to be October 2022. We have booked the Albert Hall, and are looking forward to that rather distant time.

We will make the next Tango in the Spring a renewed celebration of tango, with gorgeous music and lovely dancing. The best antidote to isolation. Take care, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Canberra in 2022.

The Tango in the Spring team: Yuko Kinoshita, Gary Barnes, Jarny Choi, Tim Silpa-Anan, Jane Won.

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