Enlazando Tangos Festival: March 20th and 21st

Enlazando Tangos Festival: March 20th and 21st

Enlazando Tangos is back and with it the opportunity to live a cultural experience, in the broadest sense of the word. Their teaching team is made up of first class tango and music figures: Sabrina Masso, Olga Besio, María Laura Collavini, Marcela Trapé, Marina La Forgia, Cecilia Collavini, Federico Naveira, Ignacio Cavalieri, Cristian Cisneros and Elina Conte. The masters will not only teach classes, but will also give an exhibition at our gala on Saturday night, led by a unique host, Omar Viola and the special participation of Fernando Rezk. To complete the experience we will learn about wine in our virtual tasting space at Enlazando Tangos y Copas.

Enlazando Tangos was conceived as a comprehensive proposal, however participants may choose to enroll in the whole program or select the classes according to their time. As we know that this is an invaluable experience, this entire weekend is a conscious and voluntary collaboration.

Registrations are open at this link: https://forms.gle/2k3J4ZThpbows6LdA
Sponsored by: Milongueras Industria Argentina

Saturday 20

2 pm Preparación corporal / Body awareness – Marcela Trapé

2:45 pm Composición para la improvisación/ Composition for improvisation – Olga Besio

Intermedio musical/ music interval – Cavalieri TDJ

4 pm Abrazo, giro y algo más/ Embrace, turn and something else – Federico Naveira y Sabrina Masso

Intermedio musical – Cavalieri TDJ

5:30 pm El legado de los milongueros/ The legacy of milongueros – María Laura Collavini y Matías Iriarte
6:45 pm Hora de mate / Mate time – música, charla e intercambio / music, talk and exchange

7:30 pm Show – Sabrina y Rubén Veliz – Claudia Biggeri y Fernando Rezk – Omar Viola – Cristian Cisneros y Melina Conte – Cavalieri TDJ

Sunday 21

11 am Milonga – Cristian Cisneros

12 pm Folklore, de la tierra al pañuelo / Folklore, from the soil to the handkerchief- Cecilia Collavini

2pmPreparación corporal / Body awareness – Marcela Trapé

Intermedio musical/Music interval – Cavalieri TDJ

3 pm Authentic Jazz- Claudia Biggeri

Intermedio musical/ Music interval – Cavalieri TDJ

4:15 pm El giro, elementos fundamentales para ambos roles/ The turn, fundamental elements for both roles – Sabrina y Rubén Veliz

5:30 pm Enlazando tangos y copas /Linking tangos and wines – Marina La Forgia y Cavalieri TDJ

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